Beautiful & Interesting Germany

I had my second day of school today, i really enjoyed it. It was very interesting to see the differences between the two schools.
I went for a bike ride with Magdalena, the scenery was really beautiful. I was very suprised when we stopped in a field where there are many flowers growing, there was a sign there & Maggy explained that you can pick the flowers but you must pay for them in the tin. I looked around & asked who checks to see if you pay the right amount, or if you pay at all. She explained that it had a system of trust. So we collected some flowers, paid & hopped on our bikes, heading for home.
I'm noticing many differences between Germany & Australia & many different customs too. Last night i went for a walk with Magdalena & my host mother, I saw two big pictures of Storks I asked what they were & it was explained that; when someone has a baby, these are put out the front of their house & people can come & put some baby things either in them or on them.
It's great to hear lots of interesting facts about the people, places & things in Germany. It hasn't even been a week & i'm having so much fun. I can't wait for the rest to come.

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  1. Eleisha ist zwar erst eine Woche hier, aber mir kommt es so vor als würde ich sie schon ewig kennen und sie würde schon immer hier leben. Wir sitzen oft zusammen und spielen Spiele dass ist immer sehr lustig, wir können dann teilweis gar nicht mehr weiter spielen vor lauter Lachen.
    Sie macht immer alles mit auch wenn es für sie noch so verrückt ist und sie probiert auch alles, ob es ihr dann immer schmeckt ist die andere Sache. =)
    Ich freu mich schon auf Passau das wir sicher total toll. Vor allem mit der ganzen Gruppe etwas unternehmen.