Wir sind hier !!

The kids at Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne

Finally we have arrived in Bad Aibling. After a 21 hour flight which thankfully was uneventful, we arrived in Munich at 5am. We were transferred to Bad Aibling by bus and shortly before arriving we were welcomed with a brilliant sunrise that illuminated the Alps.

Once at school we were welcomed by Frau Kreplin and Herr Lehrer. Some decided to have a little to eat for breakfast but most of us were still trying to digest the countless, regular feedings on the Singapore Airlines flight.

We were treated to a walk around the school and especially the new addition to the school. We were most impressed at how open it was and how much light it let in. A terrific feature was the acoustic pine/beech wall linings that adorned all the new classrooms, not only do they look tasteful but keep the noise both in and out. Interestingly, the wall panelling is actually a product for their school enterprise where students run a business with an international market.

The Aula (Assembly Hall) in the new part of the School

Our exchange crew walked the short distance to the local Catholic Church where we took part in two services to welcome students into the new year. We introduced ourselves to the student assemblies and then returned to the school where the families picked up our tired kids.

The weather was sensational yesterday, beautiful sunshine, warm and the Germans somewhat affectionately call it an "Altweibersommer", leave you to check it out on Babelfish. This morning we awoke to a fair bit of overnight rain and the prognosis is not too flash but I went for a walk in the afternoon through my favourite forest path and it was fine and the sun is shining brilliantly through the window as I type.

A church in a nearby village

Tomorrow we have a family get together at the school and Monday will be a normal school day so that our students can experience how classes operate.

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  1. Glad you all made it safely. I hope everyone has recovered from the long and for some, sleepless flight and that everyone is now ready for an adventurous week. Enjoy and I look forward to the next update. Katrina Ciolli