First Weekend

We arrived at the school at about 7 30 and went and met up with Herr Lehrer and Frau Kreplin in the school. We left our bags in a room and then went and had some breakfast and saw our host patners for the first time since they left Albury station a long time ago and it was nice to see them all again.

We were then taken by Herr Lehrer on a tour of the school we will be attending for the next three and a half weeks and it is a very nice, newly renovated school and it looked really good. We then made our way down to the local church and introduced ourselves twice to the students and staff.

After we met our host families and went to what will be our homes for the next three and a half weeks before going to Berlin, we spent the rest of the day getting to know them and our surroundings.

The next day I went to meet my host mother's parents and had something to eat with them which was nice. My host family then took me to an old car museum and that was really good to see all the German cars.

This morning we met up with all the families at the school for brunch and it was nice to see some Aussies again. I then went with my host family to Munich to do a tour of the Allianz Arena, home ground of FC Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich. The stadium was amazing. It is very new and looks nothing like any other in the world. That will definitely be one of the highlights of my trip.

What a great start to the trip,
Nathan Gasperoni


  1. It's fantastic that you have already done so many intersting things over here.

  2. Sharlene Gasperoni26. September 2010 um 15:55

    That sounds fantastic, you are very lucky you have already had some great experiences.