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I have done lots of things since my last entry, firstly the end of the holidays were very good, as well as the start of school. On the first day back i participated in one of Magdalena's sport lessons, this was very different to ours in Australia but still very good. The rest of the school week went very fast & was soon over.
On the weekend, i caught up with my previous exchange partner from 2009; Sandra Warmedinger. i met her parents & her grandparents too. I had a great day catching up with her & remembering some of the good & funny times we had while she stayed with me. It was a little sad to be saying bye again for the 2nd time, but this time didn't seem a bad as the first, i guess because it seemed like i knew i would be able to see her again. I think that is a good things about this program, it gives people the incentive & motivation to get out & see the world & experience lots of different things & cultures.

On Sunday my family & i took a drive to Konigssee, this is a very large lake, that gets to over 200 metres deep. The water is very clean (drinking quality) & of course the views there are very beautiful as well. We walked around before getting on a boat that would take us to another area of the lake. The only people who live there were the fisherman & his family & the family that owns the resturant on the island, it's very nice & we took a little walk around. Then we had a drink at the resturant, before heading back to the main area of the lake, by the time we got there, it was getting pretty dark & cold, so we soon headed home.

Back at school again & it's very nice. the classes are interesting &it's nice to see how they learn things in Germany compared to how we do at our school. Today we were able to listen the English radio station that is at the school, the music was pretty cool & there were even some, interviews featuring some Australians including Myself. it was very weird to hear myself talking on a speaker. I think that they will be playing another episode next week too. so that should be interesting. I don't have any school tomorrow & my family are planning on baking Christmas Cookies, this should be very fun.

Gosh, the time is flying by so fast, already it's been a few weeks since the other Australians left, it doesn't feel like that long but our time here is starting coming closer to the end of our trip. Hopefully the next few weeks slow down for me so they don't speed by so fast, i doubt it though.

Until next time.


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