wendelstein, allerheiligen and thankyou

It's been a week since we arrived back from Berlin and the other Aussies departed back for Australia but the time is still flying! Coming back from Berlin was especially interesting for me as i now am staying with Seppi and the Lechner family making this a whole new expeience for me.

Yesterday we went to the Wendelstein, a 1838m high mountain about 40km from Bad Aibling, we traveled by gondola to the top which was covered in snow. The weather was good, but maybe a little bit cold, which meant we could see the incredible views at the top and could see all the way to Munich.

Today is Allerheiligen which is a religious day for Germany and Seppi's whole family is here at the moment. As Seppi has four brothers and two sisters plus some of them have their own children im currently finding it a very difficult job to learn everyones names and how they are related to seppi! Almost the whole town where i live, ostermünchen, went to the church today for a ceremony, it was interesting to see so many young people going becuase in Australia a lot of young people aren't religious.

Once again a big thankyou to Herr Kusch, Michelle, Mr Pryor, Herr Lehrer, Frau Kreplin, and of course a huge thankyou to all the host families for making it such a great time here. (especially mine) I know that everybody has had a incredible time which we will never forget! Cheers all!

Ryan Kupferle

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