I've been back from Berlin for a few days now & getting used to not having all the Australians here & also to going to every class. I'm having a great time here though.
When i came back home from Berlin, my town & surround had snow. This was very exciting as we don't get snow in our town in Australia.
On Tuesday, my family & i rugged up & headed up the moutain to the snow, here we spent a lot of time having fun throwing around snow & sliding dow the hill. I had a great time & now can't wait for it to snow some more.
I think that Berlin was really fun, we did & saw so many things, like the Brandenburg gate, the Berlin wall, we went to Potzdamerplatz, to the memorial for the Jewish people, we expirenced the story of Berlin & much more. Over the few days we had there, we saw so many things, that were all so great. The accomodation was really good as well. i think that we were all quite surprised when we managed to find an Australian resturant that proved to have very good food & very aussie music too.
I would just like to take this oppourtunity to say thank youto Mr Kusch, Michelle & Mr Pryor for taking us around & for putting up with all our shopping. My time in Berlin was truly great.

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