Yesterday the 4th of October, we just had a normal school day, but Sam Y, Abbey L and I were running late to class because we were having a little bit of trouble finding the room. Once we finally got there the teacher opened the door and as Abbey went to walk in, tripped over and the whole class was in hysterics, it was the funniest thing.

After school Angelina, Sam and I caught the bus to Rosenheim to go shopping. At about 3.00pm we met up with Abbey, Selina and her boyfriend Phillip, we went and had a coffee, then Angelina and I went home with her Aunty.

Today the 5th of October was a just a normal school day again, we got to school and had our home group. Then we all started on our Impressions projects, I think everyone's is coming along nicely.

After school we caught the bus home and had some lunch, then we walked up to the Post Office.

Heute war ein ganz normal Schultag, wir hatten Unterricht und die Australier hatten zuerst Homegroup und dann arbeiteten sie an ihrem Projekt.
Als wir Schule aus hatten, nahmen wir den Bus nach Hause und aßen zu Mittag.
Anschließend musste ich lernen und wir gingen zusammen zur Post und zum Schokoladen.

Angelina Schmidt

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  1. That would have been just slightly embarrassing, tripping over that is.
    Sounds like you are having fun,

    Candace Martin-Burgers