3rd weekend

Friday after school the Aussies and hosts walked down to the Therme in Bad Abiling. The Therme is a sort of relaxation swimming place with a number of different pools. We spent about 3 hours in the Therme. thereafter Laura and I went to Adrians and Joshua's house for another few hours.

On Saturday my host family went to the "Ritzaualm" in Kufstein in Austria. It was about a two hour walk up to the restaurant where we had a very nice breakfast/lunch.To go right to the top of the mountain is a two day walk so we thought we would just do the short walk.
The views that we were rewarded with at the top were spectacular. Once we returned from the walk we all had a short sleep because we were all exhausted. That night I went to Joshua's house for the night which was fun.

On Sunday we had a quiet afternoon at home then my host family treated me to a very nice German meal at a restaurant in our town called the 'Wirt Von Dred'.

Can't believe that its our third weekend already time really is flying.

Ryan Kupferle

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