Today my host family and I went to the Wendelstein. We travelled up the mountain on the train. We first visited the church there and did a bit of looking around. You could see mountains already covered in snow, which we think were in Austria. We then went into the cave, which was very cramped and crowded. Lots of people were in there though to see a statue of Jesus Christ on the cross. After that we walked up to the very top of the mountain which was 1840 metres high. It was very tiring to get up there but the view was beautiful, we could even see the school from where we were. Up there was also a weather station and an observatory. There was also a gate blocking tourists from these places with metal spikes around it. I thought that was a bit extreme.
We came back down and met up with Holly and Angie and had some drinks at the Wendelsteinhaus, as their mum, dad and brother climbed to the top. At 3.25 we came back down and went out for tea, then for ice cream.
Overall it was a pretty good day, which was made even better by the sunny weather.

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  1. Lucky you, Elisha, to get to see the view! When we climbed Wendelstein, we had a very brief moment of beautiful blue sky, before the cloud/fog descended. Still, it was a lovely climb, even though we did take a wrong turn at one point. It felt very different to being in the mountains in Oz. There was even a small brass band playing on the summit. These chaps had carried their instruments all the way up and were just playing, I assume, for the sheer joy of it. I'm sure you'll all see lots more fabulous sights...lucky you! Keep writing; it's great reading. Julie Thomas