Last week in Bad Aibling

Well, this is my last scheduled post for our time here in Germany. I know that i speak (or write) on behalf of the rest of the exchange group when i say that we have had an absolutely terrific time here with our hostfamilies and we are all looking forward to our trip to Berlin. We will all miss life here (those of us who are leaving) and its seems like our time has gone much too fast.

We were absolutely spoilt last night to a cultural evening hosted by our exchange partners and their families. Not to mention the Kiefersfelden Shooting club, who kindly allowed us to use their, uh, clubrooms i guess you call them as well as their shooting range afterwards. Oh, we also presented our Impressions projects to everyone there.

But, alas, we were outshon by a local Bavarian dance group. I think they were a youth dance group too. Anyway, the show they put on was fantastic and enjoyed by all, including the Bavarian parents themselves, dressed in their traditional Dirndl and Lederhosen (I don't know if they have plurals).

For the rest of the week here (all 2 days of it) we will: be presenting our projects again to the Yr 8's, who are the next group eligible to come to Australia on exchange, packing our bags for our trip to Berlin and finally, on Thursday morning we leave our hostfamilies for the last time to catch our train to Munich, then on to Berlin.

I for one, have had the time of my life here, and am expecting Berlin to be just as great.

Signing off,

Max Carter


  1. Terrific comments Max, I think we all feel the same way. It is sad to be leaving, but new experiences await us.

    I am glad you have enjoyed your stay, despite the early mornings travelling to school. I guess it is all part of the experience.

    Glad we had you on board.

    Michelle Kusch

  2. Thanks Michelle. You have been a great help throughout our trip and I'm sure all the parents back home are thankful that you are here to keep us organised and out of trouble.

    Thanks again.