On Saturday, my host Parents and brother took me to Salzburg. We walked up a busy street with many shops they were filled with souvenirs, and all sorts of things.

As we were walking past a bag shop my host mum pointed out a bag to me that was worth 1798€, it wasn't leather or anything special, it shocked me a bit. Once we reached the end of the street we went to a real Austrian Cafe, there we all had coffee and some traditional Austrian cake, it was good, but very different to what I was used to.

We then went to a Dome and inside were paintings and it was all very beautiful, we lit a candle inside the Dome and then we left. We then went to a castle, we were going to take the train up the hill but we thought that if we walked we could see all the beautiful views. Once we got to the top we walked to the edge and looked over, it was the most amazing view I had ever experie nced. This day for me was an absolute highlight. I will always remember this day.

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  1. Terrific Holly, Salzburg is a magical town. Did you see Mozart's birthplace or have any the Mozartkugels?

    Herr Kusch