Just a normal day

Today was not a very exciting day. We went to school as usual but we did start our Impressions Projects, which is good. I only had one normal school class because of it, which was even better. We also had a practice fire drill, which was a lot quicker and more organised then ours back in Bright.

After school I went with Sarah and Christina on the train to Rosenheim to go shopping. I was shocked at how cheap some of the prices were. We went to an ice-creamery and got an ice-cream for only one euro compared to our 4 dollar ones back home.

We went to many stores and by the end of it I was very tired. I think that might have something to do with the fact that there was nearly a flight of stairs in every store, which I was not used to. Hopefully we can all get a good nights rest and have a great day tomorrow in Chiemsee.


  1. sounds like you're having fun :-)

  2. I hope you enjoy the Chiemsee excursion. This was one of my favourite days when I was in Bad Aibling. the tour around the old farm was fascinating and I loved the two islands on Chiemsee.
    Keep the interesting updates coming.
    Katrina Ciolli

  3. hi elisha seems, like your having lots of fun which is good because you deserve it haha.

    P.S capucine and i want you to put some photos up...please :)

  4. Hi everyone and thanks Elisha - Ice cream for a euro, brilliant! thanks for all your posts, i have just had the chance to catch up on them and have a good read. Sounds like an amazing trip thus far - keep sharing the experiences, and yes Josh, imagine hiking up Buffalo or feathertop for lunch - sounds great!

    Take care, immerse yourselves in everything you can and enjoy.

    Dave W - Bright