My weekend

On Saturday I went over to Sarah's friend's house. He had so many things in his room like a TV, laptop, stereo etc. I thought he was very rich but we then went to another friend's house and her room had also many things like this. I think this is normal in Germany, which is lucky for them. That night I went with her group of friends to a Weinfest in a local town, Nickelheim. This was fun but it was so cold to walk home outside and I had about 4 layers on. And it's not even winter yet.

The next day we went to watch a local soccer match in Nickelheim. I think they won 5-0, which is apparently very suprising for them. That night the family taught me a Bavarian card game, which was a bit like Uno. On their cards though they didn't have spades, clubs or diamonds. Instead they had Eichel (acorn), Gras (leaf) and Schain (shell). Overall it was a pretty good weekend.

We havn't had any excursions so far this week, just Impressions Projects and normal school but I did have an incident where I couldn't find out how to get into the house for about 20 minutes. The door didn't have a door handle so I was very confused. Just another difference here from back home.

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