Quiet Weekend in Germany

After having a week to settle in it is a lot easier to have fun once you have got used to it. On Saturday Josh, Max, Adrian, his friend and I went to a water fun/relaxing center called Therma Erding. One part of the complex was a big pool and spas, the next was an area to just lie down and rest and the other part was a big dome with lots of waterslides. We spent most of the time on the water slides and there were a lot of them so it was hard to get bored but easy to get a headache because of all the noise in such a small area. But it was still heaps of fun. The complex was about two hours away on the train and bus, but was worth the wait.

Today I went to the Oktoberfest with my family and it was amazing. There were people everywhere and it was just unbelievable, there was so much like rollercoasters, little stalls with games, huge beer tents that could fit nearly ten thousand people in them, hundreds of food stalls that sold roast chickens, roast duck, nuts, bretzels and heaps more. There were also museums and historical things that have been around since the start.

More than half the people were dressed up in the traditional clothes and other people decided to wear random things that had nothing to do with it. Inside the beer tents you could hardly hear yourself speak, it was extremey loud and even afterwards when you're utside and two hundred metres away you can still hear the noise coming from inside these tents.

From up on the hill looking down at the Otoberfest it is massive and there are just people everywhere and when you're down there it is almost impossible to walk around it's that full. Tomorrow is the last day of the festival for this year and it would not be fun to have to clean it all up and pack it all away until next year when they have to set it all up again. There are six beer tents I think and the only breweries allowed are ones from Munich.

The people working in the tents have to be strong becouse they carry around up to about nine or ten of the big glasses, Steins, which all have a litre of beer in them and then they have to walk around in between everyone which is a challenge when you're not carrying anything.

The Oktoberfest is in its two hundreth year and it is an awesome experience to go to such a huge event and when I was sitting down eating half a chicken and a bretzel that was even bigger, it was a great feeling knowing what you're a part of and you can tell how special it is to the Germans when you're there because everyone absolutely loves it For something to go for just under three weeks and pulls in millions of visitors as well as Euros, you know it is huge.

Everyday keeps getting better here in Germany and I hope it continues like this.

Nahan Gasperoni

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