A weekend in München

On Saturday the 2nd, Franziska and I set off on our way to München for the weekend. We went by train which was mostly full of people who were on their way to the Oktober Fest.Our first stop was to visit the Glockenspiel which was really nice. There were so many people who came to see it.

Then we jumped on another train and went out to Olympic Park where we went to the BMW museum. We spent a while there not realising how big it actually was and how much there was to see. I do admit though I wouldn't want to go there with any car lovers though because they could spend ages there reading about the history of the cars and motorbikes and how far they've come.

After our trip at the BMW museum we went back into the city and grabbed something to eat and drink and then it was time to do some shopping. My plan was to buy some presents for my family but that didn't quite work out that way, instead we just went shopping for clothes for ourselves. Once we started to get tired we went by train to Franziska's Aunty and Uncle's house where we stayed the night.

Sunday the 3rd, Franziska, her uncle, her cousin and I were off to the Oktober Fest. We met up with Peter and Max who joined us for the day. When we arrived I couldn't believe how many rides and rollercoasters there were. By about 1pm we could hardly move from one place to another. There were so many people there, it was crazy. Once we were all tired of not being able to move we found our way out and went to the train station which took us about 45 minutes back into Rosenheim.

Then once we arrived home my host parents took Franziska and I to the closing of the Rosenheim Garden Festival. They had a live band there and at the end there was a bunch of fireworks which looked really cool and topped of a good weekend.

By Kayla Harris

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