A relaxing last weekend with my host family

While I've been in Germany so many people have told me how close we are to other countries, so when my host dad asked me what I wanted to do on the weekend, I asked if we could go for a trip to Austria. So at about 12:30pm on Saturday we left to go to Austria, to a town called Kufstein about a 30 minute drive.

When we arrived we went to a castle named Kufstein Fortress, situated on a small mountain next to the Inn river. We couldn't actually go into the castle except for a cafe that had been built inside and the jail cells which were conected to the castle, but it was really pretty from the outside and had a great view over the town.After visiting the castle we went into town and did some shopping and got an ice cream even though the weather was freezing.

On the way home I fell asleep in the car and thought i better try and have a bit of an early night but after watching a movie, I didn't end up going to bed untill after 12am. Then on sunday morning I ended up sleeping in untill about 11am. We were having visitors for lunch so I went and got ready and when I came back to the dinning table it was covered with food and a Racledte in the middle of the table. A racledte has one big pan on top and then smaller pans underneath and you get a small pan and put as the food you want on it and cook it. It's hard to explain but it was a really different way of cooking your food to what I have tried before. Then for the rest of the afternoon we played cards and game boards because it was raining outside but it was a really nice and relaxing weekend.

Kayla Harris

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  1. Kayla, I am pleased that you have had a good time, and you got to go to Austria too.

    Good to hear you have enjoyed your self, and experience some different styles of food and cooking.

    I hope you find Berlin interesting too.

    Michelle Kusch