Impressions Underway

Last week we made a start on our very important Impressions projects, which we will present to our host parents and also to some of the students (mainly Yr 8's and our hostbrothers/sisters) in two separate presentations next week. The projects are the one major piece of work that must be completed when undertaking the exchange. It is to show what we have learnt and noticed whilst here in Germany and also for us to show our German language skills.

Nathan and I are one group, Josh and Ryan another, Holly, Eleisha and Elisha are a group and i believe that Sam, Abbey Roisin and Kayla are in one group together. Our first presentation is on Monday, which seems all too soon for us.

As Nathan posted previously, we went to King Ludwig II's Schloss Neuschwanstein last Saturday. We were both amazed by the historical castle and sheer size of it. Our tour guide tried to convince us that the king was buying less expensive options for his castle, so he could save his quickly disappearing pennies. I don't know how he didn't realise that he would run out of money; he was building three castles for himself at once!

On the Sunday Peter, my hostmum and i accompanied some of my hostmum's friends for a day trip into Austria.(it isn't that far from me, probably a 3 min drive across the river.) We first went to a town called Kitsbühel where we caught a cablecar up the mountain to Streif, a winter skiing destination. There we had a great view almost 300 degrees around. The lunch we had was at a cafe with the best view i have seen in a long time. The weather was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Streif is a very large area, with no clearly defined centre, apart from the town below. My host family told me that the Winter Olympics are going to be held there in 2018, but a few words may have been lost in translation. So, it is quite possibly that I am completely wrong.

After that we drove to Krimml Waterfalls, which were tucked away in this quite large and cold pocket in an even bigger valley. I was there from around 2 until 3:30 and not once was the sun visible, as the surrounding mountains blocked it out. The waterfall was broken into four main steps, but we only looked from the bottom. The 12km walk to the top didn't tickle our fancy at the time. Even from below, it was teriffic to see.

It was a great day and I really enjoyed the places I went and the people I was with.

Max Carter

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  1. Amazing Pictures, the whole waterfall must be huge!