Another Great Weekend

On the weekend, my host family took me to Kletterwald near the Chiemsee, this was really fun. At first I was scared of the big heights, but it soon went away because i was more focused on hurrying up & getting to the ground. We spent three hours there, with non-stop work, going from platform to platform & course to course. Afterwards, my hands were pretty sore from all the pulling on ropes & using them to balance. I would have to say that the day was very challenging mentally & physically, but it was well worth it. I managed to escape with minimal injuries & a smile on my face.

On Sunday we went to another moutain, very close to Flintsbach, which my family ski on often during the winter. It was a great day again & there were many people up on the mountain as well. The roads travelling up to the top were very narrow, but motorbikes & the occasional car still continued to speed up. Only yesterday there was an accident where, someone's car went over the side.

The views like always were spectacular & I could see the fog resting in the lower towns & villages from above. We ventured to the highest point of the mountain, then sat & had light lunch. Whilst we were eating, we saw Mrs Kreplin & had a small chat, before she had to leave.

On the way back down we stopped to watch some paragliders preparing to take off. We waited to watch some of them, which was quite interesting.

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