A Great Day On The Moutain

Yesterday, I went with my family to Austria. We went there to hike up a moutain called Spitzstein. It was a bit of hard work, but the rewards were great. It was a lovely day, very sunny and warm and so many people had the same idea as us. On the way up, we saw many ponies, that just like the cows the farmers had taken up to the moutains to graze. They were all very friendly and we had great fun patting them. Once we had gotten to the top, we had some lunch, as always it was very yummy. Then we spent a couple of hours up there enjoying the breath-taking views & great weather.
Whilst we were up there we had a couple of rounds of 'snap' and 'go-fish'. Although, my family are new to both games, they have caught on very quickly. To my dismay, I often found myself falling behind.
After a long time sitting down and relaxing, we decided that it was time we headed back down. Although it was a shame to be leaving such beautiful views behind, I managed to take a lot of photos, so it wasn't as bad. When we had finally completed our descent, we were all pretty worn out. So we headed off home. The afternoon was then pretty easy, we didn't do too much after that big trip.
It was a great day, I had a really good time and I would gladly do it every weekend. My stay in Germany seems to get better every day. With so many things to see and do I don't miss home at all.

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  1. Am Sonntag sind wir auf den Spitzstein gewandert, zur Altkaseralm. Wir kamen gerade zu der Zeit als die Haflinger oben auf der Alm sind. Sie waren gar nicht scheu sondern sehr neugierig. Wir hatten Äpfel dabei und sie kamen und wollten auch welche als sie aber gemerkt haben dass sie nichts bekommen sind sie wieder davon getrabt.
    Der Weg war nicht sehr steil und wir brauchten bloß ca. 1 Stunde hoch. Von dort oben hat man eine tolle Aussicht auf das Kaisergebirge und ganz weit hinten hat man sogar die Gletcher gesehen.
    Es war ein wunderschöner und spannender Tag.