Kristallwelten in Wattens

Last Sunday, my host family took me to Austria, to the Swarovski Crystal museum.

During the drive I observed the beautiful scenery, the mountains were so majestic and huge, I was just amazed.

We stopped just before we got to Austria, and my host mother bought a sticker so we could go into Austria. Chrissi then asked me; "Do you need to buy one of these when you drive your car to another country in Australia?"

I thought it was funny as we can´t actually drive our car to another country where we come from, unless you put it on a boat or something.

Once we were at Swarovski, we went for a small walk in the gardens, which were beautiful and filled with lovely sculptures.

We got inside the museum and we were astonished by amazing crystal sculptures and artwork.

It was kind of strange, because everything was kind of wierd, I couldn´t really understand who could come up with such strange things. But obviously someone did.

After we had been through the whole museum we went into the shop and browsed all of the jewellery. It was all very expensive but really nice.

So in conclusion, I had a fantastic day and I can´t wait for the other adventures my host family will take me on.

Samantha Young

Am Sonntag, den 03. Oktober sind Sam, meine Familie und ich nach Wattens zu den Swarovski-Kristallwelten gefahren.

Es war ein sehr schöner Tag. Seit langem hat mal wieder die Sonne gescheint und wir konnten wunderbar die Berge in Österreich sehen. Außerdem war es, denke ich, auch für Sam ein schönes Erlebnis, die vielen schönen Glassteinskulpturen und andere Swarovskiklunker zu sehen :)

Chrissi Santl

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  1. Just lovely to read Sam's comments on her experiences. I am sure I would love Crissi's blog as well if I could read German. Missing you both!
    Jenny Young