This weekend I went to visit Neuschwanstein which is King Ludwig the II´s second castle. It was a massive place but it still wasn't finished being built. The section that was finished was amazing there was so much gilded gold. The castle was about a two hour drive from my house and then about a half an hour walk up a hill. On Sunday I went to a big lake call Schliersee. It wasn't as big Chimsee but it was a very nice place although it was cold. The lake was in the mountins and that was probably why the wind was so cold. It took us a long time to get down becouse of road works on the road but we got down eventually. When we got back we to the Maxelreiner brewery for dinner. I had schnitzel and chips and it was a very good meal. Afterwards we had a look at the castle where the ownerof the brewery lives and it was huge. Then we went home.
Another terrific Sunday in Bayern.

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  1. Lucky boy, Neuschwanstein is a beautiful castle, and even I still haven't seen it yet.