Holiday Fun

My week of holidays have been so far very good, i have done a lot of interesting things.
On the weekend i went with my family to the Scholss Hellbrunn. We started off having a quick tour at the water games, which turned out to be quite fun & refreshing for me. It was very interesting to see that all the water works & little figurines are all powered by the water, no electricity was used.
Then we took a look around in the Shloss, it was very beautiful & historical as well. When we had finished that audio tor, we had a nice relaxing lunch in the park. The weather was so great & the park was full of families. After a bit of relaxing & playing at the park, we had to move on to the next thing, which was Salzburg. Here we walked through the wonderful city & soon got to the Hohensalzburg Fortress. It was a steep walk up but we all managed to do it quickly, even though i wanted to stop to take photos very often (and have a short break). When we got up the top & into the walls we walked around a little bit & then headed to a audio tour of the fortress. There was so much history involved with the caslte, the construction alone was dedicated to one room & that took a fair bit of time.
But it was very interesting & i managed to pick up on a few people speaking English during it. Even though the fortress was very interesting & nice too, i would have to say that they highlight out of the tour was the chance to stand on the top of it & enjoy the astonishing views of Salzburg & surrounds.

Also on the weekend & a bit during the week as well, i was able to fly kites with Maggy, Johanna & Marinus. The wind was very good & i found it very fun. Another great expirence for me & a great memory to take home.

Today we went to Kristallwelten, which had lots of attractions featuring lots of precious diamonds. The place was amazing, it had Swarovski diamonds & housed the biggest diamond in the world. There was lots to see as well, we spent a lot of time marvelling over the great works created there.

The Holidays have proved to be very fun & interesting & provided me with some extra family time. I've enjoyed everyday so far & look forward to the rest.

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